About Us

Meet the RumorTech Team

RumorTech is a fun and talented team led by Don Svederus, a full-time gamer.  With years of experience in the gaming industry, Don and his team work tirelessly to produce games.  We believe we can deliver an optimistic and diverse storytelling experience for our passionate gamers.  Our mission is to create amazing and fun fantasy universes that everyone can enjoy playing.  Even though our team comes from different backgrounds, we work as one to produce the greatest games.

Don Svederus
CEO and President of RumorTech

Leading the team to new grounds, he is responsible for making sure all the departments are running smoothly.

Max Killroy
Director of Operations

Second in command, Max is a true leader and gamer.  He ensures that everyone is working and manages the departments.

Jen Brown

Jen makes sure that we’re all funded and every penny is accounted for.  She’s also really good with computers.