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RumorTech is a new small independent game development studio. Contact Us with any questions, inspiration, or feedback. We would love to hear them. If you are feeling generous, we would be grateful for any charitable donation to help grow and improve our game studio.

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Our Mission:   Create amazing and fun fantasy universes that everyone can enjoy playing.

Indie Game Developer

RumorTech is a new independent video game producer currently based in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Our passion is creating fun exciting classic adventure RPG games similar to Diablo, Baldur’s Gate, Divinity, Neverwinter Nights, X-com, and many more classics we have all enjoyed in the last few decades.

When we have enough material, we may consider throwing our projects on Kickstarter or something similar.  If you’re interested, come back later and we will have more information.


Upcoming Games

Medieval Crisis

Grab your magical sword and shield and get ready for a Medieval Crisis.  In the Kingdom of Chaos, you must slay evil and restore hope to its people.  With beautiful fantasy backgrounds and 2D animations, journey into a fantasy world filled with monsters and traps at every turn.  

Malicious Assault

On the blood-red planet of Mars, a robotics mining colony has mysteriously gone silent.  As an underpaid daring robotics repair technician who works for an even more mysterious company, you must travel to the colony and repair the problem.  Prepare to hack deadly robots in this sci-fi roguelike game.